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Walking It Back? Further Reflections on the Response to Darwin’s Doubt from BioLogos

President Deborah Haarsma suggests that I mischaracterized the perspective of the organization's reviewers in my response to them. Read More ›
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Science and Faith: Are They Really in Conflict?

More than 100 groups across the United States and Canada hosted the Science and Faith: Are They Really in Conflict? simulcast featuring Oxford University’s John Lennox, Discovery Institute’s Stephen Meyer, and author and Breakpoint radio host Eric Metaxas. Read More ›
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The Handwriting in our DNA

William F. B. O’Reilly In an op-ed for Long Island’s Newsday, columnist William O’Reilly relates Dr. Meyer’s story of meeting with a former Microsoft software engineer: “He walks into my office one day, throws a book down on the table. It’s called Design Patterns — standard textbook for computer design engineers — and he says, ‘I get the eerie feeling, when I’m looking at what’s going on in the cell, that somebody’s figured this out before us.’”  The rest of the op-ed can be read here. Two seemingly contradictory stories broke in mid-December and promptly got lost in the holiday shuffle. The first involved a Dec. 13 article in the journal Science, which said a second DNA code or “language” Read More ›

Debate With Michael Ruse on Ben Wattenberg’s Think Tank (PBS)

Ben Wattenberg moderates this matchup with Darwinist Michael Ruse, who was also featured in the movie Expelled.  This debate gets into the philosophical implications of design and Darwinism and the distinctions between the scientific evidence and the implications for both theories.
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More on Small Shelly Fossils and the Length of the Cambrian Explosion

In my previous replies to Marshall's review in Science of Darwin's Doubt, I've responded to his critiques of the main argument of the book. Read More ›