Stephen C. Meyer Philosopher of Science

Discussion Guide

A Discussion Guide for Stephen C. Meyer's Signature in the Cell

This discussion guide is designed to facilitate the use of Stephen Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design in small groups, adult education classes, and book discussion clubs. The guide contains brief summaries of each chapter grouped into eight total discussion sessions. Each discussion session also contains discussion questions for the chapters covered by that session.

Session 1 (p. 4)
Prologue; Chapter 1: Darwin’s Nemesis; Chapter 2: The Burgess Bestiary

Session 2 (p. 7)
Chapter 3: Soft Bodies and Hard Facts; Chapter 4: The Not Missing Fossils?

Session 3 (p. 10)
Chapter 5: The Genes Tell the Story?; Chapter 6: The Animal Tree of Life; Chapter 7: Punk Eek!

Session 4 (p. 14)
Chapter 8: The Cambrian Information Explosion; Chapter 9: Combinatorial Inflation; Chapter 10: The Origin of Genes and Proteins

Session 5 (p. 18)
Chapter 11: Assume a Gene; Chapter 12: Complex Adaptations and the Neo- Darwinian Math

Session 6 (p. 22)
Chapter 13: The Origin of Body Plans; Chapter 14: The Epigenetic Revolution

Session 7 (p. 25)
Chapter 15: The Post-Darwinian World and Self-Organization; Chapter 16: Other Post-Neo-Darwinian Models; Chapter 17: The Possibility of Intelligent Design

Session 8 (p. 30)
Chapter 18: Signs of Design in the Cambrian Explosion; Chapter 19: The Rules of Science; Chapter 20: What’s at Stake

Additional Resources (p. 35)