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Shaw, Scientism, and Darwinism

George Bernard Shaw’s positive criterion by which to measure and ridicule folly and vice was fatally ambiguous, eclectic, and inconstant.

Listen: Evolution on the Edge

In an earlier book, Behe reviewed data from evolution studies of malaria parasites, HIV, and E. coli, and showed that evolutionary processes face severe limits.

The Myth of Behe “Refuted”

Once again, Darwinists seek to avoid an argument by using clever talk, giving the false impression of a scientist, Behe, who brushes away challenges.

Money, Sex, and Gender

"We both wanted to play with guys, build forts and have snowball fights and play army… She played with my toys: Tinkertoys, dump trucks."

Is It a Boy or a Girl?

Parents with a new baby are almost always asked, “Is it a boy or a girl?” And the answer is almost always one or the other.

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