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Coming in June, a Game-Changing New Book: Darwin’s Doubt, by Stephen Meyer

The evolution debate is about to undergo a paradigm shift. Darwin’s Origin of Species launched a revolution whose scientific, cultural and spiritual effects are still with us. Now a new revolution is on the horizon. On June 18, the HarperOne imprint of HarperCollins will publish Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design, by Stephen C. Meyer. For now but not for long, exclusively at, you can preorder your copy, receiving a steep discount, free shipping and four free digital books! Dr. Meyer is the Cambridge University-trained leader and founder of the ID movement. His previous book, Signature in the Cell, caught the attention of scholars who previously had nothing friendly to say about ID. Even distinguished Read More ›

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Does the New Scientific Evidence About the Origin of Life Put an End to Darwinian Evolution?

The John Ankerberg Show will launch this weekend a multi-part series examining the science behind origin of life theories and featuring Dr. Stephen C. Meyer.  In four television programs beginning Sunday night, Feb. 27th at 9 PM EST on Daystar and Sky Angel at 11 PM EST across the US and over 200 nations worldwide, join Dr. John Ankerberg as he interviews Dr. Meyer. Go here for a full schedule for both cable and local channels.  On this week’s first program: Every person’s body consists of over a trillion cells. Almost every one of these cells includes a DNA molecule. What is DNA? Why is it so special? What does it do? Where did the digital code embedded in DNA originate? Read More ›


An interview with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer

Q. In your author photo you’re not wearing a white lab coat or holding a test tube or a beaker or anything like that. You’ve written a book about science but are you a real scientist? A. I’m a philosopher of science with a record of peer-reviewed publications in technical, scientific, philosophical and other books and journals. As a professional scientific theorist, I’ve been studying and writing about the origin of life since I received my PhD at Cambridge University in the field in 1991. There is a widespread misunderstanding that only men in white lab coats can legitimately “do” science. Of course laboratory work is crucial to the advance of science, but the most important scientific discoveries in modern times have Read More ›