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Faith & Reason: Stephen Meyer Discusses the Return of the God Hypothesis with Charles Moscowitz

Boston-based author and podcast host Charles Moscowitz hosts Dr. Stephen Meyer to discuss topics in his new book Return of the God Hypothesis. Meyer reviews discusses the greats of modern science and how their faith complemented their science. He also talks about the three discoveries revealed in his new book that show that the universe is not self-organizing or self-existent but rather requires an external input of information from a transcendent mind. Along the way, Meyer also explains that the origin of information is a huge problem in chemical evolutionary theory. For this reason, a number of chemists and biologists are beginning to acknowledge that the long-standing mutation/selection mechanism of neo-Darwinism lacks the creative power to produce innovations rather than Read More ›

The Cambrian Explosion and the Combinatorial Problem: Does Intelligent Design offer a plausible Account of Life’s Origins?

We count on scientists to tell us what they know and don’t know—not just what they want us to hear. But when it comes to the contentious issue of the evolution of life on earth, spokesmen for official science are often less forthcoming than we might wish. Read More ›

Dr. Meyer Gives Inaugural Annual Lecture for C4ID in London

In November 2011, Dr. Meyer addressed a distinguished group of leading British political, cultural, and intellectual leaders at the Royal Horseguards Hotel, No. 1 Whitehall, London, England. In attendance were several members of the House of Lords, university vice chancellors, and many journalists, politicians, philosophers and scientists. He was giving the inaugural annual lecture of the Centre for Intelligent Design (UK). The event was hosted by former Lord Chancellor Lord McKay of Clashfern. The complete video of Dr. Meyer’s talk, including an important Q&A discussion on what constitutes science, is now available on YouTube. Also available: coverage of the event here and here on Evolution News & Views and at the website for the Centre for Intelligent Design UK.
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Biological Information: The Puzzle of Life that Darwinism Hasn’t Solved

Today's New York Times features an article by science writer Nicholas Wade highlighting what Wade calls "surprising advances [that] have renewed confidence that a terrestrial explanation for life's origins will eventually emerge." Read More ›