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The Uniqueness of the Human Mind: Stephen Meyer and Janet Parshall


In The Market host Janet Parshall welcomes Dr. Stephen Meyer back to the program to discuss his recent article on the findings of the James Webb Space Telescope. Meyer also unpacks the types of reasoning we find in science, and how human life and the human mind are unique within the universe. Meyer mentions the work of computer scientist and philosopher Erik Larson, whose recent book The Myth of Artificial Intelligence examines what computers can and cannot do. “Computers lack the tacit knowledge and background knowledge to reason to conclusion about tasks for which they were not programmed to perform,” says Meyer. “In the process of learning what computers can and can’t do, we’re learning about the essential creativity of the human mind in the way we reason and the way we make discoveries.”

The more we learn about computers and their abilities, the more we learn about ourselves and how unique we really are.

Listen to the full interview here: