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Joe Rogan and Stephen Meyer Talk Science and Faith in New Interview

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On his way to teach at this year’s CSC Summer Seminar program in Colorado, Stephen Meyer made a stop in Austin, Texas, to do an interview with none other than Mr. Joe Rogan, comedian, MMA enthusiast, and host of America’s biggest podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience

The invitation to meet with Rogan came on the heels of Meyer’s recent studio interview with comedian and podcaster Bryan Callen, a friend of Rogan’s. According to a report from Time Magazine, Rogan’s show boasts a daily audience of 11 million, making it Spotify’s most popular offering and a unique opportunity that Meyer was delighted to accept. 

In a conversation lasting almost three and a half hours, Rogan asked probing questions about Meyer’s reasons for doubting neo-Darwinism, his scientific arguments for intelligent design, and his latest book, Return of the God Hypothesis. But he also asked about the problem of evil, the latest findings of the James Webb Space Telescope, the multiverse concept, the origin of language, free will and determinism, the possibility of miracles, the possible existence of alien life forms, the use of psychedelics as a way of experiencing transcendence, and Meyer’s own personal religious experience as well his reasons for affirming the reliability of the Bible. Though Rogan has had on a number of notable scientists over the years, including Richard Dawkins, Sean Carroll, Sir Roger Penrose, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Greene, and Michio Kaku, he had yet to welcome a proponent of intelligent design. 

“Now I know why they call it the Joe Rogan Experience!” Meyer said. “Joe is insatiably curious and he asked many probing questions in an interview that flowed naturally from one deep subject to another.  He definitely put me through my paces, but all in his trademark spirit of open inquiry. The discussion was a ton of fun and the time flew by. I was shocked to look up at the clock afterward and to find out that we’d been talking for three hours and twenty minutes. Oh, and he’s also even more ripped than he appears on camera!”

It’s free to watch or listen to the interview, but you’ll need a free Spotify account to do so. Here’s the link to the Joe Rogan Experience page on Spotify.

Also of interest is the Joe Rogan Experience library with lists of past guests, books featured, and more.

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