Stephen C. Meyer Author, Philosopher, and Director of the Center for Science and Culture

Featured Media Appearances

Featured Media Appearances

The 700 Club

Video Dr. Meyer’s interview on the evidence for intelligent design, which aired Friday, June 18

Listen to Stephen Meyer on the Dennis Miller show

Dr. Meyer’s first appearance on The Dennis Miller Show, where he talked about Signature in the Cell, Francis Crick’s sequence hypothesis, and more: Dr. Meyer’s second appearance on the Dennis Miller Show to talk about his book:

The Michael Medved Show: Meyer Debates Mooney

Stephen Meyer debates science writer Chris Mooney on the Michael Medved show about the scientific consensus and scientific literacy in America.

The Michael Medved Show

Audio MP3 Dr. Meyer discusses the information revolution and the challenge it presents for Darwinism with Michael Medved, expounding the argument for intelligent design from information.

Signature in the Cell on C-SPAN’s Book TV

Dr. Meyer argues that our DNA provides evidence of an intelligent designer and helps explain how life began. He spoke at the Seattle Art Museum during an event hosted by the Discovery Institute. See a video of the speech here.

Debate with Michael Shermer on Faith Under Fire

Dr. Stephen Meyer on Faith Under Fire Dr. Meyer addresses Michael Shermer’s objections to intelligent design, including “Who designed the designer?”  Also features their discussion on the existence of design in nature.

John Ankerberg Show Appearance

In this four-part interview (“The Four Great Discoveries of Modern Science”), Dr. Meyer discusses the evidence for intelligent design from physics, cosmology, and biology. Discovery One—The Universe Had a Definite Beginning In this episode, Dr. Meyer discusses how the Big Bang supplies evidence that the universe was brought into being by a cause that…

Debate With Michael Ruse on Ben Wattenberg’s Think Tank (PBS)

Think Tank Part 1 Think Tank Part 2 Ben Wattenberg moderates this matchup with Darwinist Michael Ruse, who was also featured in the movie Expelled.  This debate gets into the philosophical implications of design and Darwinism and the distinctions between the scientific evidence and the implications for both theories.

Debate With Peter Ward at Talk of the Times (TVW)

Video from TVW The rematch, a debate with Meyer and Ward addressing each other’s arguments for intelligent design and evolution (or not, respectively).  Reporters and columnists especially should listen to this, as a real debate by scientists on the science of Darwinian evolution is almost as rare as life in the universe.

The Tavis Smiley Show

Dr. Meyer explains intelligent design to host Tavis Smiley and discusses how evolution should be taught in schools. Listen to the show here.

Public Appearances

Centre for Intelligent Design (UK) Inaugural Annual Lecture

Royal Horseguards Hotel, Whitehall, London, November 2011  Dr. Meyer delivers the inaugural annual lecture for the Centre for Intelligent Design (UK) in London. He addressed a distinguished group of leading British political, cultural, and intellectual leaders.

The Science of Intelligent Design

Watermark conference, April 2009 The Science of Intelligent Design Dr. Meyer explains how the positive case for intelligent design is based on scientific reasoning.

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