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Stephen C. Meyer Philosopher of Science
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Listen to Stephen Meyer Answer Challenges From a Leading Proponent of Theistic Evolution

The BioLogos "Language of God" podcast

Vice President of BioLogos Jim Stump hosts Stephen Meyer on an episode of the BioLogos podcast Language of God. Despite foundational differences between the theistic evolution and intelligent design communities, Stump and Meyer have a courteous, in-depth exchange about Meyer’s background, the history of the intelligent design research community, and the arguments of Meyer’s new book Return of the God Hypothesis. Instead of taking the shape of a back-and-forth debate, Stump asks probing questions and simply listens to Meyer make his points and clarify his positions on key topics, including the difference between general and special revelation, how historical science differs from natural or lab science, the meanings of evolution, and why intelligent design is not simply an appeal to God for the things science can’t currently explain. Chances are you’re in need of experiencing a civil discussion between two people who disagree on important issues but who are willing to listen to each other, find common ground, and pursue clarity. Here’s a good example.