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A Goldilocks Universe – The Surprising Science Pointing to God

New Atheism proclaimed that science had buried God. However, as new evidence about the surprising origins of the universe and its fine-tuning for life has emerged, perhaps God was waiting for us all along. Justin speaks to scientists and thinkers including Jennifer Wiseman, John Lennox and Stephen Meyer. Peter Byrom also examines whether Richard Dawkins’ best-known objection to a ‘complex’ God really holds water. 


Stephen Meyer Interview with Piers Morgan on Science and God

“One of the most controversial philosophical minds on the planet.” That’s how Piers Morgan introduces Stephen Meyer on a brand-new interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored. This obviously brings Dr. Meyer to a whole new audience — Morgan has 2.57 million subscribers on YouTube — following his recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience.  It’s an amazing half hour, highlighting the scientific evidence for a deity recognizable from the Judeo-Christian tradition. The background here, referenced by Morgan, includes Tucker Carlson’s recent comments on evolution, also on the Rogan show. But of deeper and more personal significance, Meyer discusses the recent loss of his mother to dementia: “You’re never really prepared for the death of a parent and I thought I was, but I Read More ›


Joe Rogan and Stephen Meyer Talk Science and Faith in New Interview

For more than three hours, Rogan asked questions about the scientific argument for the reality of God, as well as Meyer's reasons for believing the Bible. Read More ›
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The Uniqueness of the Human Mind: Stephen Meyer and Janet Parshall

Stephen Meyer on the uniqueness of human life and the human mind. Read More ›
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Meyer and Medved Discuss the Madness of the Multiverse

The multiverse is a popular storytelling mechanism in film today. Scientists have been speculating about it for decades. Stephen Meyer evaluates the scientific pedigree of this intriguing theory on the radio with Michael Medved. Read More ›
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Dennis Prager and Stephen Meyer Introduce New PragerU Video Series Making the Case for a Return of the God Hypothesis

In an Ultimate Issues hour of The Dennis Prager Show, Stephen Meyer and Dennis Prager introduce a series of 5 new PragerU videos that illustrate key arguments of Meyer’s latest book Return of the God Hypothesis. Watch the interview here:

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Let There Be Light: Meyer and Medved Discuss Promise of New NASA Telescope

A telescope designed to see the universe's first light. Stephen Meyer has more on this amazing new launch from NASA. Read More ›
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Stand to Reason: A Discussion of Reasoning and Evidence for the God Hypothesis

Greg Koukl welcomed Dr. Stephen Meyer back to the Stand to Reason podcast to chat about his new book, recently named a Book of the Year by WORLD Magazine. The power of the theistic design hypothesis, says Meyer, comes from bringing several classes of evidence together to bear on the problems of the origin of life and the universe. Meyer also discusses why he uses the word “Return” in the book’s title, what type of reasoning is best to evaluate multiple competing hypotheses, how he makes his argument for a specifically theistic designer, and more! Listen to the full hour now:

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Meyer Discusses Harvard’s Atheist Chaplain and the “Twilight of the Godless Universe” on the Michael Medved Show

There’s often a lag time between the formation of ideas at the scholarly and scientific level and the dissemination of those ideas into the broader culture. On the Michael Medved show, Stephen Meyer explains how the appointment of an atheist chaplain at Harvard is an outcome of a lingering cultural perception about science and religion—even though this perception is incongruous with major developments in science. In addition, Medved prompts Meyer to explain his recent op-ed, published in The Jerusalem Post: “Steven Weinberg and the Twilight of the Godless Universe.” Be sure to listen to this nice, compact interview!