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The Science of Intelligent Design

Watermark conference, April 2009 The Science of Intelligent Design Dr. Meyer explains how the positive case for intelligent design is based on scientific reasoning.

Browse the book

You can get a good sneak peek inside Signature in the Cell over at the Harper Collins website. Click here to Browse Inside.

Signature in the Cell on C-SPAN’s Book TV

Dr. Meyer argues that our DNA provides evidence of an intelligent designer and helps explain how life began. He spoke at the Seattle Art Museum during an event hosted by the Discovery Institute. See a video of the speech here.

SITC Pre-order sales are picking up

Signature in the Cell continues to move up the ranks at Sales Rank: #672 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)#1 in Books > Professional & Technical > Professional Science > Astronomy > Cosmology #1 in Books > Science > Astronomy > Cosmology #1 in Books > Science > Physics > Cosmology 

Stephen Meyer on Laura Ingraham program Tuesday June 23rd

Tuesday, June 23rd at 11am EST Stephen Meyer will be a guest on the Laura Ingraham Show to discuss his new book Signature in the Cell. Laura and Steve will be joined by Francis Collins of Biologos so you won’t want to miss this discussion.  Find a station that carries the program here.

Biological Information: The Puzzle of Life that Darwinism Hasn’t Solved

Today’s New York Times has yet another example of overhyping science. Recently Nature, Science, Wired, and now the Times are all gaga over alleged breakthroughs in discovering how life came to be. It turns out they are no closer now than they ever have been. It’s as if they’ve figured out the chemical components of ink and paper and how ink adheres to paper, but still can’t explain the meaning and information communicated by the New York Times each day with that ink and paper. Never mind figuring out where the ink and paper itself came from before it got hitched together. Here we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of Darwin and modern evolutionists are no closer to figure out where life comes from than Darwin himself Read More ›