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Scopes Monkey Trial

The Pensmore Dialogue on Science and Faith at College of the Ozarks will create an opportunity for the College of the Ozarks community and the broader region to consider the harmony and integration between the Judeo-Christian faith and modern science. The theme of the conference is Life and the Universe: How Did It All Begin? The conference will feature Dr. Stephen Meyer, director of the Center for Science & Culture, as well as prominent Christian thinker Dr. John Lennox, professor of mathematics at Oxford University, and Dr. Robert Spitzer, President of the Magis Center for Reason and Faith and former President of Gonzaga University.

The conference will begin on Thursday, September 24, with a welcome dinner for pastors and clergy as well as breakout sessions for students and faculty, followed by a student convocation on Thursday evening. (Note that space will be limited for the convocation in Jones Auditorium due to College of the Ozarks students attending the convocation.) Friday will include a full day of plenary speeches, breakout sessions, and a panel discussion. The conference will conclude Friday evening. Check-in for the conference will be in the Christian Ministries office on Thursday afternoon and in Jones Auditorium Friday morning.

Registration: Exclusively online. Registration, schedule, speaker information, and prices can be found online at

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A Scopes Trial for the ’90s

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