Stephen C. Meyer Philosopher of Science

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Stephen Meyer is in Brazil this week at the “Intelligent Design: Science and Religion” conference at Mackenzie University in Sao Paolo, one of Brazil’s oldest and most prestigious universities. He speaks tonight at 8:00PM, and tomorrow night as well, about Signature in The Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, which soon will be published in Brazil in Portuguese. Also in attendance is University of Idaho biologist Scott Minnich, who will be speaking tomorrow morning at 10:30AM about “Irreducible Complexity and the Bacterial Flagellar Motor: Assessment of Recent Controversies”. On Wednesday at 10:30AM Minnich will be speaking about “Evolution and Pathogenesis: New Insights into one of Darwin’s Dilemmas.” On Wednesday night there will be a panel discussion at 7:30PM on the topic of “Intelligent Design: Science and Religion” which will feature Meyer, Minnich and others.


Defining Theistic Evolution

In the book Theistic Evolution, we provide a comprehensive scientific, philosophical, and theological critique of the idea known as theistic evolution. But before we can do that, we will need to define what the proponents of this perspective mean by “theistic evolution” — or “evolutionary creationism,” as it is sometimes now called. Read More ›