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Join with us at the Coventry Christian Schools Founders Dinner as we explore the limits to evolution and challenge the theory that evolution is responsible for the development of all complex life on our planet. Dr. Meyer and Dr. Behe are two of the leading scientific experts in the world on the theory of intelligent design. Come. Learn. Be Challenged.

WHAT: 2015 Coventry Christian Schools Founders Dinner

WHEN: Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Schedule of Events:
4:45 PM – Private reception with Dr. Meyer & Dr. Behe
5:30 PM – Dinner
6:30 PM – Speaker Only Attendees Arrival
8:15 PM – Optional Book Signing

COST: Dinner starting at $75

For more information and to register, visit the Coventry Christian Schools event website.

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Stephen Meyer Reframes Christianity Today’s Question on Intelligent Design

In the May issue of Christianity Today, the magazine’s Village Green section posed the following question to Stephen Meyer, as well as to theistic evolutionist Karl Giberson and young earth creationist Marcus Ross: How can the intelligent design movement gain academic credibility? Below is Meyer’s response: Asking what advocates of intelligent design must do to gain credibility in the academy is a bit like asking a man when he stopped beating his wife. Such a question makes a prejudicial assumption. When queried about his history of spousal abuse, an innocent man should say, “I don’t concede the premise of your question.” Similarly, I would suggest that behind the Village Green question lurk some false assumptions. Indeed, the question seems to presuppose three things: Read More ›