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Stephen Meyer on Coast to Coast Tonight

Tonight Stephen Meyer will be on Coast to Coast with George Noory. Dr. Meyer will be on from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am PT, and as an extra incentive for our readers who aren’t night owls, the show promises to “discuss recent discoveries in cell biology which support intelligent design and reveal that digital computers and living cells are operating on the same principles.” To find an affiliate station in your area and tune in, click here.

Another Positive Review: “Signature in the Cell is absolutely fascinating.”

Over at Ligonier Ministries there is a very thoughtful review of Signature in the Cell.  Those who are committed to an atheistic and materialist philosophy will be all over this book, but I am slightly optimistic that it may actually change the nature of the debate among scientists who are interested in going where the evidence leads. In fact, one of the most helpful sections of this book deals with the very definition of “science,” an issue that has hindered helpful discussions and debates.Although I enthusiastically recommend Meyer’s book to any who are interested in the scientific study of the origin of life, I do want to raise one important point. Advocates of intelligent design are directing most of their efforts toward addressing Read More ›

Blown Away by Signature in the Cell

The new issue of American Spectator is out with a rave review of Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell. Writer Dan Peterson opens with the revelation that this book wasn’t just good — it was a game-changer: When I learned that Dr. Stephen Meyer had written a new book on the evidence of design displayed in living cells, I expected to be impressed by it. I wasn’t prepared to have my mind blown — which is what happened. We’ve heard before that Dr. Meyer’s book is more than dangerous to the Darwinist case; it’s comprehensive and devastating: Meyer’s argument is a comprehensive one, rooted in multiple scientific and philosophical disciplines, and he is perhaps uniquely qualified to make it. His background is in physics and Read More ›

Stephen Meyer op-ed in Boston Globe: Thomas Jefferson’s support for intelligent design

Stephen Meyer has an interesting op-ed in today’s Boston Globe about founding father Thomas Jefferson’s view of intelligent design. A view which Meyer argues comes from the scientific evidence, not from religious authority, and which is foundational to our nation’s adherence to inalienable rights for all: Contemplating everything from the heavenly bodies down to the creaturely bodies of men and animals, he argued: “It is impossible, I say, for the human mind not to believe that there is, in all this, design, cause and effect, up to an ultimate cause, a fabricator of all things from matter and motion.”The “ultimate cause” and “fabricator of all things” that Jefferson invoked was also responsible for the “design” of life’s endlessly diverse forms as well as the Read More ›

Stephen Meyer on Jan Mickelson With Signature in the Cell

CSC Director Stephen C. Meyer recently appeared on Jan Mickelson’s talk show to discuss his new book, Signature in the Cell. Now you can listen in as Meyer discusses Francis Collins, Carl Sagan, the information embedded in DNA, and how arch-atheist Richard Dawkins anticipated the title of Dr. Meyer’s new book.

Seattle Turns Out for Signature in the Cell Book Release Party

Dr. Stephen C. Meyer spoke to a full house at the Seattle Art Museum’s Plestscheef Auditorium last night presenting compelling evidence for intelligence behind the origin of life. (Below are some pictures of the event.) On a beautiful summer evening in downtown Seattle, an eager crowd of over 200 relaxed inside the museum’s state-of-the-art theater to hear Dr. Meyer explain the problem of “The DNA Enigma” — that is, where does the highly specified and complex information inside the cell come from?  In a presentation taped by C-SPAN for its Booknotes program, Dr. Meyer used many examples from our computerized age to show that information is a prerequisite for function and construction and that intelligence is always behind the creation and development Read More ›

ID The Future Interviews Stephen Meyer about science, scientific method and Signature in the Cell

The first three interview segments with Dr. Meyer from ID The Future are available now. The Making of an ID Theorist: Stephen C. Meyer and the Origin of Life  Click here to listen. This episode of ID the Future tells the story of how philosopher of science Stephen C. Meyer first began his quest for the origin of life. How did one of the architects of the intelligent design movement move from the oilfields of Texas to the study halls of Cambridge to pursue the mystery of where biological information originated? Listen in and find out.  Delving Into Science at Cambridge: Stephen C. Meyer and Signature in the Cell, Part 2 Click here to listen. On this episode of ID the Future philosopher of science Stephen C. Read More ›