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Laboratory glassware containing chemical liquid, science research,Double exposure of scientist and test tubes, laboratory concept.with chemical equations
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Stephen C. Meyer Philosopher of Science
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Debate with Chris Mooney on The Michael Medved Show

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Monday, Nov. 16th, Stephen Meyer and Chris Mooney will be on The Michael Medved Show (second hour, 1pm PT/4pm ET). Mooney is a diehard Darwin defender that various Fellows here at the CSC have debated in the past, and he’s someone we’ve reported about over the years. His view of science is elitist and arrogant, and he has recommended such things as suppressing dissenting views from the media, to spinning science in such a way as to manipulate public opinion. He considers anyone who disagrees with him to be ignorant about science. It will be interesting to see how he does with Meyer, a Cambridge PhD who clearly disagrees with Mooney on … well, practically everything.