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New review says SITC is a “crucial”, “must have” book, even for intelligent design critics


For those interested in the history and philosophy of origins and in the present controversy over the “establishment” understanding, this is a helpful book. For those wishing to have a better understanding of DNA and a “simple cell,” this is an astonishing book. For those who wish to honestly consider what is the best explanation for the origin of specified complex information found in living things, this is an invaluable book. For those who have for whatever reason gravitated to the general proposition that design seems to make intuitive sense, this is an essential book so you can appreciate there is a scientific foundation for your belief. For those who disagree with intelligent design this is the crucial book you must have so as to understand your opponent’s best arguments.

That’s from a lengthy new review of Signature in the Cell by Ken Peterson of the Washington Policy Center, published by Spectrum Magazine. You can read it all here.