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Signature in the Cell, “Meyer’s Comprehensive Statement of the Case for ID”

Email has an excellent review of Signature in the Cell for your enjoyment:

Mystery novels provide beachgoers and travelers with riveting reading material, and TV viewers never seem to weary of the investigative exploits of the detectives in their favorite weekly whodunits. It seems everyone loves a great mystery! 

Modern mysteries often feature sleuths trained in sophisticated scientific methods of evidence gathering. Test results from cleverly obtained genetic samples are commonly employed to identify the perpetrator—a testament to the widespread acceptance that DNA evidence enjoys in contemporary culture. 

Since the revolution in molecular biology of the 1950s and 1960s, the emerging fields of genomics and bioinformatics have furnished humanity with a wealth of useful information. The biological sciences and modern medicine routinely rely on results of genetic testing in research. Forensic information garnered from DNA is commonplace in court proceedings and decisions. 

Ironically, even as DNA evidence is used to solve many a mystery, this information-rich genetic material is a profound puzzle of itself. 

Where did the functionally complex first cell come from? 

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