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Seattle Turns Out for Signature in the Cell Book Release Party


Dr. Stephen C. Meyer spoke to a full house at the Seattle Art Museum’s Plestscheef Auditorium last night presenting compelling evidence for intelligence behind the origin of life. (Below are some pictures of the event.)

On a beautiful summer evening in downtown Seattle, an eager crowd of over 200 relaxed inside the museum’s state-of-the-art theater to hear Dr. Meyer explain the problem of “The DNA Enigma” — that is, where does the highly specified and complex information inside the cell come from? 

In a presentation taped by C-SPAN for its Booknotes program, Dr. Meyer used many examples from our computerized age to show that information is a prerequisite for function and construction and that intelligence is always behind the creation and development of that information. The audience was captivated by new, cutting-edge animation revealing the remarkable intricacies of the living cell.

Dr. Meyer impressed upon the audience that intelligence, rather than chance and necessity, is the best explanation for the origin of information transmitted by DNA. This conclusion is not a negative argument from ignorance, Dr. Meyer reinforced, but rather a positive inference to the best explanation, based precisely on what we know in science about the products of design and the information bearing properties of the cell. 

At the end of the evening, Dr. Meyer addressed thoughtful questions and signed a lot of books. By evidence of the many fans that waited in line for Dr. Meyer’s signature in their book, it is clear Signature in the Cell strikes a chord and will have widespread relevance to the ongoing national discussion about intelligent design and evolution. 

If you missed the chance to celebrate this groundbreaking book release with Dr. Meyer, be sure to mark your calendar for another Signature in the Cell event being held at Discovery Institute on September 16th. As soon as an air date is announced by C-SPAN’s Booknotes we will post that information on the book’s website at