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Dallas Conference on Science and Faith


The Dallas Conference on Science & Faith this past Saturday was a smash success — not least as a great publication party for the newly re-released and expanded classic, The Mystery of Life’s Origin: The Continuing Controversy, by Thaxton, Bradley, and Olsen with numerous new scientific contributions. 

Photographer Chris Morgan shared with me these photos of the event:

Stephen Meyer on “The Return of the God Hypothesis” and the contributions of Charles Thaxton.

John West on “Darwin’s Corrosive Idea.”

Robert J. Marks introduces The Mystery of Life’s Origin co-author Walter Bradley.

Michale Behe on “Darwin Devolves.”

Douglas Axe on “Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Design.”

Discovery Institute Dallas chief Pam Bailey welcomes the audience.

Stacks of The Mystery of Life’s Origin, hot off the press.

Roger Olsen, Charles Thaxton, and Walter Bradley (l. to r.) sign copies of intelligent design’s original edition.

The stars were out for the day — the intellectual stars of the ID galaxy. In fact, at one point a participant in a Q&A asked Douglas Axe, as a “celebrity lookalike,” which movie star he’s most often mistaken for! Dr. Axe would be too modest to venture an answer, but feel free to share your best guess with me.

Image credit: All photos by Chris Morgan; at the top is Stephen Meyer speaking at the 2020 Dallas Conference.