Stephen C. Meyer Author, Philosopher, and Director of the Center for Science and Culture



Can the Origin of the Genetic Code Be Explained by Direct RNA Templating?

BIO-Complexity Origin-of-life research has a big problem, and the DRT model purports to solve part of it. Critics of intelligent design have advanced the DRT model as the answer to the sequencing problem — how genetic information in RNA (in the hypothetical RNA world) eventually could have been translated into more stable and versatile proteins.…

The Scientific Status of Intelligent Design

The Methodological Equivalence of Naturalistic and Non-Naturalistic Origins Theories Science and Evidence for Design in the Universe (Ignatius Press) This article addresses a series of objections that have been lodged against the theory of intelligent design, including the claim that the theory of intelligent design is not testable. Read the article here.

The Meanings of Evolution

Darwinism, Design and Public Education Stephen C. Meyer and Michael Newton Keas Read the paper here.

The Cambrian Explosion

Biology’s Big Bang Darwinism, Design and Public Education With co-authors Marcus Ross, Paul Nelson & Paul Chien Here lead author Meyer shows that the pattern of fossil appearance in the Cambrian period contradicts the predictions or empirical expectations of neo-Darwinism and other materialistic theories of evolution. Read the paper here.

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