Stephen C. Meyer Author, Philosopher, and Director of the Center for Science and Culture

Centre for Intelligent Design (UK) Inaugural Annual Lecture

Royal Horseguards Hotel, Whitehall, London, November 2011 

Dr. Meyer delivers the inaugural annual lecture for the Centre for Intelligent Design (UK) in London. He addressed a distinguished group of leading British political, cultural, and intellectual leaders.

Seattle Art Museum, July 2009

Dr. Meyer presents the thesis of his new book Signature in the Cell

Watermark conference, April 2009

The Science of Intelligent Design

Dr. Meyer explains how the positive case for intelligent design is based on scientific reasoning.

Dr. Meyer discusses intelligent design and Signature in the Cell

Watermark conference, April 2009

How Dr. Meyer Became Interested in the DNA Enigma

Dr. Meyer shares the story of how he became involved in the argument for design in the origin of life.

Watermark conference, April 2009

DNA Enigma: Where Did The Information Come From?

Dr. Meyer explains the importance of the mystery of where the information in DNA came from.

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