Stephen C. Meyer Author, Philosopher, and Director of the Center for Science and Culture

Month: January 2009

John Ankerberg Show Appearance

In this four-part interview (“The Four Great Discoveries of Modern Science”), Dr. Meyer discusses the evidence for intelligent design from physics, cosmology, and biology. Discovery One—The Universe Had a Definite Beginning In this episode, Dr. Meyer discusses how the Big Bang supplies evidence that the universe was brought into being by a cause that stands outside of matter, energy, and time. Discovery Two—Space and Time Had a Beginning In this episode, Dr. Meyer explains the cosmological argument for the design of the universe and responds to the “quantum cosmology” objection to the cosmological argument. Discovery Three—The Universe Has Been Fine-Tuned for Life In this episode, Dr. Meyer discusses evidence that the universe has been fine-tuned for life and critiques the Read More ›

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